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Headache Relief

I’ve been seeing Dr. Hamer since August, 2011, for neck stiffness and headaches. My headaches and stiffness in my neck have improved; I actually now have no pain in these areas! Today I feel great; Dr. Hamer has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend Dr. Hamer and Ponte Vedra WellnessCenter.Dr. Hamer is caring and professional, and my expectations were exceedingly met. I feel better; therefore, I am enjoying life more.

- G. McB.

Improved Flexibility

I've been seeing Dr Hamer since July, for herniated discs. Dr. Hamer’s therapy has definitely improved my health: I am more flexible, have more energy, and I am enjoying a brighter outlook on life!

- Judi Brannan

Pain Relief and Better Sleep

I have been treated by Dr. Hamer for three weeks. I sleep better, have no pain in my knee and hip, and my neck pain lessens with each visit. Being adjusted - along with exercises, STEMS stimulation, ultra sound, and massage therapy - has improved my health immensely!  Dr. Hamer and her support staff are terrific!

- Peg

Relief From Chronic Pain

Dr. Hamer has been treating me since last July, for whiplash, TMJ and jaw pain, and neck, shoulder and lower back pain. She recommended orthotics and now my posture has improved, my knees hurt less, and I am not in as much chronic pain. I generally feel much better, and some days I feel great. I have so much more mobility now; my entire well being has improved – without drugs! (The natural supplements she has recommended have helped immensely.)  I get very thorough treatment and follow-up, and the staff is very caring.

Catherine H.

Neck Pain Relief; Tennis Elbow Gone

Since I’ve had 2 back surgeries I was a little nervous about going to a chiro. (I had gone prior to my surgeries.) However when I suffered a neck injurty I knew I needed adjustments so I came to see Dr. Hamer. She not only corrected my neck injury but began careful work on my back. I have great confidence in her knowledge and skills. I know that no matter what I do to myself she can fix it. She has eliminated my tennis elbow and sore wrists, my back is the best it has been since my last surgery.

Chiropractic care has allowed me to be more active and with less pain than any other therapies. I have learned that by being proactive through regular treatments not only do I feel better but any problems that come up can be resolved much faster. I recommend chiropractic therapy, because it works and Dr. H is an excellent doctor with great compassion.

- Jette W.

Relief From Pain Due to Accident

I have been treated by Dr. Hamer since 02/08/2011, my problem areas include disc bulges, neck and shoulder pain from an accident. Dr. Hamer has improved my health by aligning my spine, reducing muscular tension and reducing inflammation throughout affected areas. I feel so much has improved from just 2 sessions; reduced sharp pain in sciatic nerve, neck and shoulders.Chiropractic has helped me by reducing pain levels significantly, increased stamina and reduced inflammation! Headed now to an African Safari! I would recommend Dr. Hamer and Ponte Vedra Wellness Center to my family and friends they provide the best therapeutic care for chiropractic needs, additionally they have a friendly and caring professional staff that supports Dr. Hamer's outstanding health care services.

-Veronica V.