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Learn more about these Wellness Fair Partners

We provide acupuncture to help people feel better and reduce pain symptoms as well as many other ailments.

We offer women's fitness classes designed to allow maximum effort, intensity, and results with minimum impact on your joints. Our style is gracefully intense with emphasis on core and flexibility. 

Full service banking

As a leading provider of massage therapy, Healing Massage of Ponte Vedra takes pride in offering the best treatments and treatment plans. Emily Polatas, LMT has been licensed since 2002 and is dedicated to serving the needs of of her clients each and every day.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional dental experience. We will serve our patients in a friendly and caring environment and will provide the most optimal care the patient desires. We will work with each individual patinet to ensure optimal oral health.

Our goal at the Ponte Vedra Training Company is to offer one-on-one training that enables everyone to safely and effectively reach their health and fitness goals through medically-supervised and fully customized training programs.

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Wise Women was created to provide comprehensive, evidence-based gynecologic care in a serene, spa-like environment with a focus on women over the age of 45.

Thank you to Table 1 and Flavor Palette, both in Ponte Vedra Beach for their help with the food.

At Table1 we strive to provide an outstanding casual dining experience. Feel at home with our open kitchen and Woodstone oven serving up innovative, casual cuisine in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

An eclectic international sandwich shop focused on quality and big bold flavors.

The Wellness Fair is a no-charge event and open to all. Many of our Wellness Fair partners, including our restaurant partners, will be offering products, services and food for free. In exchange, we are asking the Wellness Fair attendees to consider making a donation in support of Mission House of Jacksonville Beach as a way to show support for our community. Ponte Vedra Wellness Center will be making a donation as well.